Brother printers have a habit of telling you they are out of toner when there are not. If your brother printer give you the “out of toner” warning on the display panel or light then you won’t be able to print until you change it…. unless…
Unless…you reset the toner:

(Note: to reset the Drum, Belt Unit, PF Kit MP, PF Kit 1, PF Kit 2, Fuser or Laser on your Brother printer, jump to the bottom of the page)

  1.     Turm your brother printer power on, open main door which use open to change the toner.
  2.     The LCD display will show a “Cover is Open” message.
  3.     Press the “Clear/Back” button to get to the toner “Reset Menu”
  4.     Scroll through the options for your brother printers toner cartridge:
  • B.TNR-S – Black toner small cartridge (TN-110)
  • B.TNR-H – Black toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
  • C.TNR-S – Cyan toner small cartridge (TN-110)
  • C.TNR-H – Cyan toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
  • M.TNR-S – Magenta toner small cartridge (TN-110)
  • M.TNR-H – Magenta toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)
  • Y.TNR-S – Yellow toner small cartridge (TN-110)
  • Y.TNR-H – Yellow toner high-capacity cartridge (TN-115)


  1.     Choose the toner cartridge you have (if you are not sure, you can just reset them both) and press OK to reset it. Press “1” to reset.
  2.     Each toner cartridge in a brother printer must be individually reset.
  3.     To exit the menu after you have reset your “out of toner” warning, just press “Clear/Back” (and close the door).

This works on all the Brother MFC printers:

Brother MFC 490CW
Brother MFC 59
Brother MFC 845CW
Brother MFC 890
Brother MFC 990CW
Brother MFC 5890CN
Brother MFC 6490CW
Brother MFC 7225N
Brother MFC 7420
Brother MFC 822
Brother MFC 8440
Brother MFC 8460N
Brother MFC 8820D
Brother MFC 8840D
Brother MFC 8880DN
Brother MFC 9160
Brother MFC 9180
Brother MFC 9420CDN
Brother MFC 9760
Brother MFC 9800
Brother MFC 9840CDW

You can use the same trick to reset other parts of your printer:

  • Drum
  • Belt
  • Unit
  • PF Kit MP
PF Kit 1
PF Kit 2

SHORTCUT: Press both the 3 and 9 buttons and you should get a menu to reset (note I haven’t tried this myself, but my friend email me this and I am confidant she knows what she is talking about). I did reset the belt unit once on the Brother MFC 9420CDN but I used a different method. I simply pressed menu and chose option 8, then option four which brought up the ability to reset the “need to replace belt” warning (that’s from memory, I hope it helps).

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