First we need to note the position of the Drum connector as shown in the picture. Also be sure not to touch or expose the photosensitive drum roller to bright lights, dust, moisture, or oil from the fingers. We recommend a clean surface such as a table, low lighting, and surgical gloves.

Here is an up close of the connector from the top side that would make contact to the printer mating connector.

Now look at the backside of the connector, this is the side we are going to work with our fuse. In particular we are going to focus on left side pair next to the empty connector nodes.

Carefully insert a fuse above the connector crimps in the slot holding the connector shroud as shown.

Slightly bend the fuse so that it sits lower than the connector bottom side lip so that it doesn’t short out with anything in the printer. You can now install the drum into the printer and it should reset the drum page count. You may also wish to empty the toner waste tray, we do not provide instructions for that however.


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