Resetting the Transfer Unit
The print meter keeps a count of the pages processed by the Transfer Unit. As the page count nears the 
end of life for the transfer unit, a message appears to warn you to replace it soon. After the transfer unit 
is replaced, reset the transfer unit so that the printer has an accurate page count for the new unit.
To reset the transfer unit:
1. At the printer control panel, press the Machine Status button.
2. Touch Tools>Admin Settings.
3. Using the keypad, type the passcode as needed.
4. Touch Service Tools.
5. Touch Reset Transfer Unit.
6. Touch Reset>Yes, Reset.
To cancel, touch the X button or select No, Cancel.
7. To return to the Service Tools menu, press the Back arrow. To return to the Services Home menu, 
press the Services Home button.


If you don’t have that option you may need to upgrade the firmware so it shows up. You can find that at the following link:


If that still doesn’t resolve it you may need a technician to take a look at it. The unit may be bad or you may need them to do something in the service mode area

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