Replacing the imaging unit (drum cartridge) on the Xerox 6505.


Do not expose the Imaging Unit to any light source for more than five minutes. Prolonged exposure to light may damage the unit. Cover the Imaging Unit with a light shield (such as a sheet of paper). Do not touch the shiny blue Transfer Belt.

  1. Power the printer off using the power switch located on the right side of the printer, toward the back.

    Power off

  2. Press the button on the top, right side of the printer to open the Front Cover.

    Open Front Cover

  3. Lower the Transfer Belt by pulling on the two green tabs.

    Lower Transfer Belt

  4. Locate the Imaging Unit, and then turn the four twist-locks to the left to unlock the unit.

    Unlock Image Unit

  5. Grasp the Imaging Unit by its peach-colored pull-tabs on the top edge. Pull the unit forward and up, and then out of the printer.

    Remove Image Unit

  6. Place the used Imaging Unit in a bag and make sure the bag is properly sealed before discarding or recycling.
  7. Remove the new Imaging Unit from the shipping container and the sealed package. 

    CAUTION: Do not remove the orange protective cover from the front of the unit until it has been installed in the printer. This will protect the Transfer Belt from being touched during installation.
  8. Place the Imaging Unit on a flat surface. Hold the unit firmly with one hand and with the other hand grasp the end tab of one sealing tape and pull the tape straight out, horizontally. Repeat for the remaining tapes; there are eight tapes in total. Make sure none of the tapes have broken. Discard of the tapes as normal office waste.

    Remove Tape

    NOTE: If any tape breaks off with the remainder inside the Imaging Unit, stop the installation and contact Support.

  9. Grasp the new Imaging Unit by its peach-colored pull-tabs on the top edge and install the unit in the printer. Make sure to insert the unit into the guides in the printer, and then push the unit all the way back into the printer.

    Remove Tape

  10. Turn the four twist-locks to the right to lock the unit.

    Lock Image Unit

  11. Pull the orange protective cover out and then down from the top, center of the Imaging Unit.
  12. Close the Front Cover.

    Close Front Cover

  13. Power the printer on. A “Ready to Print” message will be displayed on the Display Screen.

    Power On

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